Your Body Knows How To Cycle With Your Period - by Abi Adams

When a woman is sexually assaulted, abused or experiencing high doses of chronic stress, her power is taken from her and with that her relationship with her body. To allow a woman to relate with herself again with confidence and vitality, the menstrual cycle has proven to be a life source of inspiration and healing. Combined with movement, that woman is given the opportunity to literally move herself out of the past, out of the abuse and the trauma and into the fully functioning, vibrant woman she always was.


You were just taught it wasn’t important.

And with that, you lost the language of insight when it came to your body communicating the many emotions you’re able to feel. Being told time was of the essence and there’s so much to do, your self value and preservation were put to the bottom of the pile, unable to breath. Choked out of you until you began moving outside of your body. Focusing on how you looked so you wouldn’t get caught up in the deeper whisper calling underneath your skin. You lost the joy in your body.

You began to distrust your body.

Distrust comes from not knowing your own strength and capabilities in a given experience. From being told everything you hold dear will crumble if you just take a second to stop. Pause. Root down and listen. Your nervous system now set to oncoming catastrophe, you’re always on guard and ready to tackle 1,000 things at once (aren’t all women meant to multitask? It’s in our DNA, right?). You can’t slow down because you have too many people relying on you, depending on you. And better to let JUST you down than all of them.

But your body starts to ache and do things you have no authority over. Your periods are painful and unreliable. One minute you’re flying high and the next you’re crashing so hard, you feel your world is falling apart. You’re unfulfilled, fed up, uninspired and alone.

You’re told there’s another way if you try this pill, do more and pull your socks up. Reinforcing the distrust towards your bodies natural ability to heal, evolve and grow. And deep down you have this inkling of your natural powers within. Almost like a whisper. You visualise yourself as that warrior woman archetype, riding her wild animal into battle ready to lay down your boundaries and save your tribe from the onslaught before you. Your psyche desperate for you to express and vocalise what you really need and want so you can save yourself!

But you just don’t know how.

Tracking your cycle isn’t another task to add to your todo list. It’s not another aspect of your life you can control and make fit in the life you have created. Really, you don’t need to track your cycle.


Your body is millions of years of evolution in the making. You have the stories from so many wise women before you pulsing through your veins, laying the foundation to cyclical living and the wisdom of the crimson tide that flows within you. No app will ever be able to tell you what you need and when. Only our body can do that. It’s within your body that your hormones flow, so by forging a deeper relationship with yourself you will be able to unravel what is no longer creating balance and joy. When your body is in sync, so is every other relationship in your life. The way within is the way without.

To be able to listen to your body, you have to understand how you are emotionally reacting to life. You have to feel the past and undo it’s puppet strings to be able to make new choices.

Crack the shell of your conditioning and allow the real you to step out and into your power.

You never stopped cycling with your period. You needed to realise how important your body was in the process.

If you are looking to reclaim your power and build mental, emotional and physical muscle towards expressing who you are to the world, please join myself and a great group of women on the next Prøject Wøman course starting 21st September.

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