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Our ethos is to connect you with an abundance of experts, resources and tools to support you to heal and ultimately live your best life! We want you to have the choice in your hands to chose what works for you. We believe life-coaching is an incredible tool, that we want to share with you. Simply put, Life- Coaching is where you work with someone to connect with yourself, redesign your environment and your life, and then take action to implement it! We only work with the best and our resident Arla expert, Lucy, is qualified, accredited and trusted. You will love her as much as we all do!

My style is not about using either psychology or life coaching but rather about combining the two.

As a life coach, I help my clients to activate and achieve their potential and the goals and desires they have for themselves, even if for them, they feel out of reach. The route to maximising full potential may be met with barriers, like self-limiting beliefs such as ‘I always fail’ , ‘I’m not capable enough’ which, though challenging, can be overcome with the my support. With all my clients I aim to ultimately give them the skills to be their own coach: able to identify, challenge overcome their persistent undesirable thought patterns and behaviours.I have received training in cognitive behavioural therapy (linking thoughts, behaviours and feelings), mindfulness (focusing on the present, non-judgementally) and compassion focused therapy (helping to promote emotional wellbeing, where people respond more kindly to themselves).I integrate my skills and expertise to create individualised programmes for my clients, so that every journey is tailored to best suit their needs and create lasting and significant transformation.

About Lucy

Lucy is an accredited Psychological Life Coach (Association for Coaching) who has worked in the NHS in specialist psychology services with 1000s of clients. Lucy is a dedicated and intuitive coach, who establishes warm, collaborative relationships with her clients in a nonjudgemental safe space. She guides women to remove their self-doubt, silence their inner critical voice and heighten their self awareness to change how they think and feel so they can step into their power and live their fullest lives.  

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