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Finding myself in a sexually abusive relationship when I was younger built the foundation for a very unhealthy relationship with myself and my body. I could never see my worth, I was terrified of failure and looking weak or vulnerable in front of my friends and I was drowning in self doubt. I will always feel grateful for fitness being part of the healing process. On days I felt too mentally weak i could draw on my strength I found in the gym to get my through the hard days. When I started to allow myself to heal, the benefits bled through to all aspects of my life. Finally seeing the value in myself gave me the confidence I needed to stop holding back.
For too long I’d allowed my past to dictate my future. Any experiences we’ve been through are just fuel to the engine, we call Success. Currently working as a boxing coach and founding the Bitch Clinic helps me channel the strength I've built towards helping others find their own strength, that they perhaps felt was taken from them too.

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